Big Mav Give 2018

MEF-Back-the-Mavs-Big Mav Give 2018

Big Mav Give 2018

Please won’t you be a part of something great!

The Big Mav Give is designed to give you the opportunity to join us as we seek to assist our teachers to educate and empower our children!  We need your help in order to make this happen!  Last year more than $50,000 in grants were given to Marshall ISD Teachers to improve student learning, in areas such as new instruments, innovative seating arrangements and technology to enhance the classroom effectiveness of our teachers!  To continue this terrific response we would ask.

Won’t you be a part of this great effort to give our teachers additional resources to continue making a difference in our children’s lives!


  •  Founded in 2012, the MEF has raised over $250,000. Grants are awarded each year to the teachers & staff of MISD.
  •  Grants go straight to classrooms. They assist teachers in accomplishing classroom goals.
  •  The MEF funds 100% of Maverick University (College Credit classes taught at MHS) through generous donations.
  •  The MEF is a 501(c)(3) and all donations are tax exempt.
  •  The MEF is an all-volunteer organization.
  •  The MEF hosts the MHS Top 10% Banquet each year. This banquet highlights the Top 10% of the MHS senior class & a teacher that has made a difference to each student.
  •  We raise money through a variety of fundraisers including The Big Mav Give, The Maverick Mile Color Run & the Back the Mavs Night.


Join us in supporting Marshall ISD teachers by donating to the Marshall Education Foundation! We’re looking 100 to give $100!

Or if you’re more comfortable mailing a check:
Marshall Education Foundation
P.O. Box 8303
Marshall, Texas 75671


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